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Project Partner?

Post  jteh on Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:45 am

Hi all,

I'm looking for an enthusiastic partner for the year long Capstone Project in 2011. The projects which I am interested in working on are:

EWe4: Noise reduction
DG2: Surround-Sound with an iPod
EWo1: Color and Pattern Identifier for the Vision-Impaired
EWo2: Multi-functional Cane for the Vision-Impaired
JE1: NetFPGA: Enabling Reconfigurable Networking in Hardware
JE2: JimiBot the Guitar Playing Robot
JE3: Youre not going anywhere: A remote controlled braking system for a
childs bike.
MA2: Feedback Control of Magnetic Levitation
MM1: Robotic environment mapping
PD3: Voltage regulated ultra-capacitor.
PF1: Automatic location of customers in a cafe
TV2: 3 D Virtual video game development for the aged population

I am not necessarily looking for a straight H1 student, or even a straight H2A,B student. All that I am looking for is someone with dedication<--(IMPORTANT!) and the desire to do well with the project. I am also open to student-written project proposals too.
If interested you can contact me at:

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James Teh.


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