Groups for final year project

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Groups for final year project

Post  mtaha on Mon Dec 06, 2010 3:27 pm

Hey all,
My name is Mohammed Taha. I'm looking for a group for the final year project.
My preferences are :
TN1: Wireless Media Interface
EWo2: Multi-functional Cane for the Vision-Impaired
JE3: Youre not going anywhere: A remote controlled braking system for a childs bike.
EWe5 - Graphic Equalizer (similar to above)
MA2 - Feedback Magnetic Levitation

I'm not too fuss about the order but i'd like a project relaying largely on hardware implementation since I've designed a energy saving water exchange system a few years back.
I'm more of a hands on person I like to try new idea and methods. So if we are like minded just let me know so I can be part of your group. I'm very reliable and I get things done and I work very well with a team. One might even call me a peoples' person Razz

Kind regards,
Muhammed Taha

PS. I'm currently oversees so if you'd like me to be in your group let me know and we can arrange something.


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